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Opportunities for FAA Members

Discover a world of art opportunities with FAA! We proudly host a minimum of two member art shows each year, providing a platform for our member artists to showcase their talent. See below for the next exciting event on our calendar!


Additionally, we wholeheartedly encourage and support our members in their endeavors to exhibit at local events and galleries. Share your art shows with our thriving community by submitting a social media form, and together, let's shine a spotlight on your creative achievements.

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2024 Spring Art Show

April 23-June 17


Call for Entries: "Elements" Art Show at the Fluvanna County Public Library

Dear Artists,

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming art exhibition, themed "Elements," inviting you to join us in exploring the profound and diverse interpretations of the fundamental forces shaping our world.

The theme "Elements" encompasses the elemental building blocks that define our universe, ranging from the classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water to the scientific elements found in the periodic table. This exhibition seeks to celebrate the multifaceted nature of these components and encourages artists to creatively interpret and express their significance.

Artists are invited to delve into the essence of the elements, whether through their literal representation, metaphorical significance, or symbolic meaning across cultures and beliefs.


The theme offers a wide creative scope, embracing various mediums in the visual art space.

Important Dates

4/22 - Artist Drop off 9 AM- 12PM

4/27- Public Reception 

6/18- Member Pick up 9:30 AM

Highlight your work and shows
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Join us in showcasing your exceptional artwork to our vibrant social media community! We are excited to highlight your talent and exhibitions through our emails and various social media platforms. To get started, simply complete the form below, and let your art take center stage among our growing audience. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of creativity and connect with art enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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Venues for Artists

These are nearby places where our artists can inquire about displaying their work, selling their pieces, or holding art shows (applications may be required):

Arts of Fluvanna County Studio Tour

Carysbrook Center of Performing Arts

Cunningham Creek Winery

Dr. Scholls Office

Palmyra Art Festival

Sweet Art Emporium

The Center at Belvedere

Cville Arts

The Fralin Museum

The Louisa Art Center

Martha Jefferson Hospital

The Scrappy Elephant

Second Street Gallery

Explore Art Classes

Local establishments that offer adult classes or provide studio space for creating art:

Sweet Art Emporium

The Louisa Art Center

The Bridge PAI

McGuffey Art Center

Piedmont Virginia Community College

The Scrappy Elephant

Second Street Gallery

Virginia Museum of Fine Art

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