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September-October 2017 Newsletter

The Fluvanna Art Association News is published bi-monthly and is written and edited by Page H. Gifford.

Members Exhibit in Louisa

It is an area of art that the FAA rarely explores but many artists do and frequently exhibit pieces made from recycled materials. A few of our members stepped out of their safe zone, creating works from recycled materials in the Upscale Recycle Exhibit at the Purcell Gallery at the Louisa Arts Center.

Among the members exhibiting are Winday Payne, Susan Walker, Paul Stams and the late Loli Stams. Paul featured his photo collages and two of Loli’s acrylic paintings were displayed. Windy Payne laughed about her “Apple Time” collage, an acrylic painting with apples in a still life on newsprint. Daring for Windy.

“I never thought I would do anything like this,” she said. Also, in the mix were three recycled watercolors by Susan Walker.

The attention grabber that garnered the most attention and made the statement what recycled art was all about was Nichole Christine Agnew’s dragonfly “Darcey.” Darcey was made from fan blades, a gold chandelier and metallic purple paint. Jan Taylor stood in awe of the piece that loomed large on the wall as Agnew discussed how she made it.

Agnew won first in the competition.

“The very dramatic dragonfly Darcey, is beautifully crafted and eye catching, showing amazing imagination as well as displays the ultimate in recycling,” said Curator, Emma Lou Martin.

Other artists also had amazing work, including collages and fiber art. Artist designer Charissa Goerge, made her recycled creations from scrap fabric and even her piece made from trash bags was tres chic.

The exhibit runs through September 22, at the Louisa Arts Center, at 212 Frederickburg Ave. in Louisa.

Loli Stams

Loli Stams

Farewell to Loli Stams

Loli Stams was an artist’s artist, she was passionate about her art and sensitive to the world around her when it came to art in her life. Her paintings were a reflection of her, the bright, bold yet reflective soul beneath.

She had her opinions when it came to art and artists alike and was always a presence in the room she stood in or though the work she exhibited.

Loli will be missed by the members of FAA but she will always be with us in spirit, particularly when you feel something brush against your shoulder, it is probably Loli watching over your work as you paint.

For more on Loli, visit the Fluvanna Review story on page 12.

Creative Corner

Consider New Directions

Consider New Directions

One of our members had suggested doing a monthly theme piece. I’m not sure where the idea came from or why but it appeals to me. It could be one of those exercises that helps artists break free of the mundane, tight bounderies, comfort zones and same ole same ole.

The theme could be anything from summer to fall, blue or purple or red, to pop music or musical instruments. The possibilities are endless.

Suggesting someone draw or paint and icon of pop music or a work based on your favorite book or poem or all in one color pushes an artist closer to the edge. For some this might be hysteria but the goal is to challenge creatively and test an artist’s mettle.

It also frees our imagination and to create work we’ve never tried which could yield some interesting results.


The Fluvanna Art Association would like to thank Loli Stams family for the generous donation of $225. It is greatly appreciated and will go toward a special program next year in honor of Loli and her never ending quest to learn new things in art.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who served on the Art sale Committee. Their hard work paid off and the proceeds from the sale of over $500 will be given to the Fluvanna County High School and Fluvanna Middle School art departments to help further art education.

Check us out on Facebook. Erika Mitchell has graciously volunteered to spruce up our Facebook page. So, keep checking us out for future upgrades and information.

If anyone has any ideas for workshops, presentations or demonstrations, please email me at page1162@gmail.com. I am looking for some ideas for next year or if you know of any artists.

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