Fluvanna Art Association

A Brief History of the Fluvanna Art Association


Watercolors by Harriet Snead

by Page H. Gifford

The Fluvanna Art Association was founded in 1975 by Harriet Lipscomb Snead, a professional artist, who worked for Thalhimer’s Department Store as an illustrator. She converted her basement into a studio where she taught classes in still life and portraiture.

The purpose of the Fluvanna Art Association is to encourage interest in fine art. The first art show was hung on a cyclone fence of the Mobile Oil Company at Fork Union. Every year since then, the FAA has a judged show of members’ work. The goal was not primarily for personal monetary gain but it was to encourage members to keep painting and to find joy in self expression, improve technique and grow as an artist as well as form lasting friendships.

The men and women of the FAA recognized its cultural importance and took the group through years of development. Recognizing its importance in the community, members of the FAA promote the visual arts in many areas, not only in the education and inspiration of adults but students as well. Because of Peg Redd and the FAA, their mentorship program in the schools and two years of petitioning which led to the hiring of an art teacher, today the high school has two art teachers and both the elementary schools and the middle school have an art teacher and art programs that motivate and teach children about the importance of art appreciation in out culture.

The FAA continues to judge the annual art shows at the middle school and high school, encouraging students to set goals and reach higher in their quest for self-expression while learning critical techniques and skills. A few of the FAA’s current members have volunteered in art programs at the high school and the FAA gives a yearly donation to either the middle or high school for their art department.

Many of today’s members engage not only painting, but a variety of subjects and styles and mediums. They continue to do justice in memory of those who have passed and those who still share the vision of bringing art into the community and sharing it with those who create it and appreciate it.

Watercolor by Harriet Snead